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Tricount originated in yet another of Jonathan and Guillebert travelling adventures. When calculating the expenses they realised the need of a simpler and clearer calculation process for everyone. That day Tricount was born.

For us, life is too short to worry about finances.

Stay positive, enjoy your activities, travels, friendships - collect the memories and don't let your bills stop you!

We believe that the best way of doing it, is to do it together.

That's why we made Tricount accessible for you and your group wherever you are. It's simple. It's transparent. And most of all, it's safe.


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Our Volunteers: Tricount community users provide us with great feedback & help! Many thanks to all beta-testers, volunteers and especially to our translators. Thanks to help, Tricount is now accessible to a wider global audience. Meet our most active volunteers: English and Polish: Marta, Klaudia & Tobi - Dutch: Joseph, Melanie, Fred, Said, Laurens, Käthe & Christof - German: Lena, Malte & Magnus - Hindi: Parag & Anurag - Portuguese: Joao, Douglas, Fernando & Madison - Italian: Selma, Sarah, Alessandro, Fabiola, Giorgia & Joanna - French: Anouar & Youri - Spanish: Adrian, Sara, Xavier, Carlos, Monica, Barbara, Alvaro & Juan - Russian: Lara - Turkish: Murat - Japanese: Davide

The developers: iOS: Niel, Shada, Erdem, Kevin, Daniel & Gustavo - Android: Friedger, Arthur, Yacine, Dirk, Rachid & Sarju - Windows: Quentin, Louis-Guillaume & Patrick - Backend: Youri, Joeri, Christian, Jean Bosco, Benoît & Hugo - Website: Fernando, Jeremy, Klaudia & Tobi - Data: Maxime & Dan - Marketing: Ana & Albane