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An easy solution to manage your budget

How to manage your budget

The original purpose of Tricount was to organise and facilitate group expenses. But there are dozens of ways to use it. Tricount can indeed be really useful to manage your own personal budget.

Do you want to keep an eye on how much you spend monthly on restaurants, cinema tickets, online shopping or groceries? Tricount gives you the chance to do this really easily.

Simply create a tricount “Budget month X”, and add the desired categories as participants.

Creating categories as participants for your budget

You will then only have to add expenses under the right categories of the tricount as follows:

Creating your expenses with Tricount in three easy steps

The account balance will tell you at the end of the month how much you spent in total, and will also give you an idea of the distribution of your expenses among the different categories.

See categories of your personal expenses

Let’s take another example:

It is sales season, and Jeffrey has decided to buy new clothes. Yet, he is on a limited budget and wants to be sure he doesn't spend too much.

Therefore, Jeffrey allocates a share of his total budget to each clothing category: 80€ for jeans, 40€ for shirts, 50€ for jumpers, and 20€ for socks. He then registers this distribution in his tricount as “clothing budget”, by using the “money transfer” function.

Control your personal expenses in Tricount

While shopping, Jeffrey adds each expense to the right category avoiding always to land on red.

Tricount makes your life easier, alone or in group!