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Manage group expenses on holiday or during a city trip

How to use Tricount to manage group expenses on holiday or during a city trip?

Are you going on a trip with friends or on holiday with several families/couples? Isn't it the best time to relax and not to think about the worries of everyday life? Thanks to Tricount, you will also avoid any misunderstandings when it comes to money, and you will be able to enjoy your holiday at the fullest.

With Marie who rents the car, and Paul who pays for the theme park, while you paid for the evening meal yesterday, it indeed becomes a nightmare to keep track of all the expenses, as well as knowing who owes whom.

To avoid this confusion and to make your life easier, create a tricount for “Holidays at the beach” or “City trip to Barcelona” before leaving, and share it with your travel buddies. Everyone will be able to enter his/her own expenses, and the app will tell you what to do to balance it all out. We also advise you to keep all proofs of payment in a safe place, on a shared drive for example.

Creating a tricount for holidays and keeping track of expenses

Or imagine if you are travelling with children and several families and that everyone has different expenses. We have a solution for you! Indeed, Tricount enables you to split expenses unevenly, so every family pays their fair share.

Imagine the Richard family has a kid who pays half of what adults pay at the restaurants. The family will pay 5 shares. The Haas family has 3 children and will therefore pay 7 shares. Finally, Juan & Marta and Peter & Maria do not have any children, so they will pay 4 shares.

Share holiday expenses unevenly in the app

If you want to make this your default distribution for your tricount, think of purchasing Premium

Using the default distribution from the in app purchase Premium

Thanks to Tricount, stop being bothered about money problems and focus on enjoying life!