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Examples of other situations for using Tricount: split restaurant bills, manage student event organisation, association accounting, scout camps, wedding, ...

1. Split restaurant bills

After enjoying a nice meal with family and friends comes the tricky moment of paying the restaurant bill. Some asked for dessert, others for wine, and you ordered some extra fries… Now the waiter is waiting impatiently for you to divide the bill and hand him the money in.

Wouldn’t it be easier to divide the bill with Tricount? The waiter would not have to wait and everybody would always pay the right amount, as tricount makes the maths for you. Just create a tricount “restaurant”, add the participants and enter each expense. You can also reimburse your friends or family through the app!

Split the restaurant bill using Tricount

2. Tricount for student events

Holding events is a fundamental part of student life, but when faced with this situation, many questions come to one’s mind. Are people going to come? Are the organizers ready to take on these responsibilities? And what about the budget?

Many students use Tricount for trips, shared houses and group accounts, but Tricount is also widely used to organise student events. The app can be a simple tool to register and track in a clear way the expenses of the event, a smart move if you wish to avoid misunderstandings due to money issues. Using Tricount will also make reimbursing the people who contributed to the costs of the event easier.

Let the party begin with Tricount!

Share expenses during student events

3. Tricount for associations

Budgeting your association can be tricky and sometimes brings misunderstandings due to money issues. So let’s say that you have a football association or a kot project with a small budget but a lot of will for achieving things.

Due to the nature of this kind of association, transparency is a must, so it is a good idea that each time you register an expense in your accounting book, you simultaneously write it down in a shared tricount. In this manner, everyone in your association can keep an eye on every expense. This will avoid future misunderstandings and ease your journey towards reaching your goals.

Manage expenses of an association

4. Tricount for your scout camp

You are organising a scout camp this summer, and everything has to be ready in a few days. You must make sure not to forget anything as you will be in a remote area for a few days and will have to take care of all the children.

Emily is taking care of the accessories for the outdoor activities, Michael and Tim are going to buy the reserves of food, and Tanya is completing the camping set. You will also have to pay for the bus bringing the children to the camp and for the petrol for your personal cars.

How to keep track of all the payments and make sure everyone is reimbursed correctly at the end of the camp? Just create a new tricount and enter all your expenses. The app will calculate the balances for you and let you focus on having fun during this great adventure.

Share scout camps expenses

5. Tricount for your dream wedding

She said yes!

After the initial moment of bliss comes the time to organise the happiest day of your lives. Looking for a location, date, deciding on the guest list, the catering, the ban and the flowers can be really hard work. This endless list of tasks implies tracking and managing numerous expenses … and this is where Tricount can help you with your dream wedding.

Create a tricount “wedding” and register every expense in it. We also recommend you to save all bills in a safe place, for example on a shared drive. Thanks to Tricount, you will have your budget under control and easily accessible at any time.

Long live the bride and the groom!

Organise expenses for a wedding