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Key features

  • everyone can add

    Everyone can add

    Your friends can join via their phones or online to add expenses and check their balances.

  • notifications

    Get notified

    Receive immediate updates whenever your friends add, edit or delete a shared expense.

  • multiple currencies

    Use multiple currencies

    Convert every purchase to one currency, no matter where you go, for transparency across all your accounts.

  • safely

    Keep it stored safely

    Tricount accounts are securely linked to email addresses or social media profiles.

  • cross device

    Add images to your expenses

    Save receipts, share spontaneous selfies and remember happy moments.

  • uneven

    Split expenses unevenly

    Not every cost will be split equally. Set a different level of reimbursement for each person.

  • offline

    Works offline

    You won't always have an internet connection on your holiday, but you'll still be able to add your expenses to Tricount.

  • income

    Expense, income, transfer

    You paid or received money for the group? You advanced money to your friend? Track it all easily!