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Tricount is:


Just fill in the costs - and let the app do the maths for you.


Nothing is hidden. All logged expenses are visible to the group, and everyone can add their own.


Tricount helps you share your lifestyle and brings you closer to friends, family and flatmates.

Tricount works

For Couples

Keep your relationship fair and financially transparent. Track common expenses with your partner and split them evenly through Tricount.

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For Travelers

Whether you're on an exciting family getaway or a spontaneous city trip with friends, Tricount does the calculations so you can relax and enjoy your travels.

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For Roommates

Tricount splits household bills and daily expenses between roommates to make living together easy, honest and fair.

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Tricount in 3 steps

Step 1

Add your expenses

Enter the type of expense you are logging in Tricount. It could be tickets, food, fuel, shopping, or anything else.

Input the amount, and indicate who’s paying.

Invite participants to the group so they can log their own expenses and review what others have added.

Step 2

Check your balance

View your balance at any time.

Money you are owed is highlighted in green with a (+) sign, money you owe to others is in red with a (-) sign.

With instant notifications, you’ll be updated whenever a group member adds, edits or deletes expenses.

Step 3

Square Up

Let Tricount do the calculations - and determine who owes what. The app finds the most efficient way for everyone to pay each other what they owe.

Reimburse your fellow group members or mark your outstanding expenses as paid.

Select one of the provided payment methods to settle up quickly and easily.

Key features

  • everyone can add

    Everyone can add

    Your friends can join via their phones or online to add expenses and check their balances.

  • notifications

    Get notified

    Receive immediate updates whenever your friends add, edit or delete a shared expense.

  • multiple currencies

    Use multiple currencies

    Convert every purchase to one currency, no matter where you go, for transparency across all your accounts.

  • cross device

    Add images to your expenses

    Save receipts, share spontaneous selfies and remember happy moments.

  • uneven

    Split expenses unevenly

    Not every cost will be split equally. Set a different level of reimbursement for each person.

  • offline

    Works offline

    You won't always have an internet connection on your holiday, but you'll still be able to add your expenses to Tricount.

  • income

    Expense, income, transfer

    You paid or received money for the group? You advanced money to your friend? Track it all easily!

What users say

Awesome for managing shared expenses with friends or family. I use it for shared expenses with my partner. This application is essential for me.


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Super convenient app for managing accounts with friends, traveling companions, etc.. Super convenient to be able to view counts on multiple devices (even on the desktop even if it is not immediate). Recommended! Congratulations to the developers ;-)


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This app is great for calculating the distribution of expenses with 2 or more people.


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The reference application for making accounts with several people (weekends with friends, holidays...)


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Very useful for group expenses, I also use it to list my personal travel expenses.


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This app is so intuitive and easy to use for large group expenses. The inputs just took a couple of seconds:) Thank you for making it!


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