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What is the purpose of Archiving a tricount?

Category: Managing tricounts

It may happen that users have many tricounts in their list. Some of which are active, some of which are completed. Instead of deleting a completed tricount, the archive feature allows to keep the list of tricounts clean and efficient while still having access to completed tricounts. Such tricounts can then be restored whenever needed.

The archive feature is available for logged in users and push notifications are disabled for such tricounts.

To archive a tricount, tap and hold on the desired tricount for 2 seconds. A menu then appears. Once archived, the tricount is moved to a list with "archived tricounts". They can be accessed via a dedicated item on the main tricount list.

To restore, open the "archived tricount" list and tap on the desired tricount. Once restored, the tricount is reimported in the main tricount list.

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