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What happened with Premium?

Category: Mobile apps - in-app purchases

    We are looking to launch a new Tricount app to provide a simple experience for all Tricount users.

    With the new app, a Tricount Premium membership will no longer be needed.

    What’s changed in the new app?
  • A simpler interface allows you to easier manage and settle your tricounts.
  • Automatically add payments done with your card so you’ll never have to manually input again. 

  • The following features were used less, and will no longer be available:
  • Exporting tricounts
  • Customizing categories
  • Customizing the exchange rate per expense
  • Payment options like Lyf Pay (FR), Lydia (FR), Bancontact (BE) and Open Banking (BE)

  • Statistics and the possibility to save a custom split will not be in the initial release, but we’re looking to bring them back as soon as possible. 

    What happens with my current Premium subscription?
    Your current Premium subscription will still be up until it expires. If you want to keep using the old Tricount app, you can do that by not updating. Read more on how to do that here.

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